Surface Protection Sheet

Surface protection sheet is an protective floor that is very useful in providing protection to the original floor surface from damage. While interior, repair, paint work, construction etc. carried out. You can also remove it after work is done and reuse it.

Whatever your requirements for temporary surface protection, our surface protection sheet reduce the risk of damage to the original floor on your site and reduces the cost & time of replacement/repair work or cleaning up.


Unique Advantages of our Surface Protection sheet

  • Effective Protection: Provide effective ground protection to original floor.
  • Save Time: for installation, floor removal.
  • Reusable: 100% recycle content can again be recycled / removed.
  • Prevent Injury: Anti slip surface



  • Thickness: 1 MM
  • Width: 2MTR
  • Length: 20 MTR Per Roll
  • Colour: Only Black. Can also offer other opaque colours if demanded

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