PVC Sheetings

Leading manufacturer & exporter of PVc Sheeting

We have various ranges of PVC Sheeting with different properties, patterns, designs & colors which fulfill the exclusive requirement as follows:

  1. Plain Color(St. Sheeting)
  2. Printed Sheeting
  3. Tool Kit Sheeting
  4. Cut Glass Sheeting
  5. Ptd Sheeting Clear Transparent
  6. Reverse Printed Clear Transparent
  7. Ptd Nylex
  8. Soft Clear Transparent
  9. Lamina
  10. R/C Chilman



  • Table Cloth, Shower curtains, Rain Wear etc.
  • Bags & Luggage Inner Lining & Surface Sheet.
  • Table Cloth with printing designs.
  • Shower Curtains and Room Black-out Curtains


Thickness available: 0.10 mm to 0.50 mm.


Exclusive Range of Products

Available Designs