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PVC skirting can help define where the floor ends and the wall begins whilst providing neat, attractive join between the wall and the floor. The wide choice of colours and materials available provides a solution for every environment from Healthcare through the commercial office.

PVC capping strip gives a neat finish to installation and ensures a continuous, sealed surface. The benefits of a sealed, easily maintained surface are invaluable in hospitals and other similar locations where hygiene is of paramount importance capping strips gives a need finish to the installation.

PVC coving these tough and durable covings gives protection to the wall decorations at floor level. Areas where ease of maintenance and hygiene important, sheet flooring may be taken up the wall having created a radius using a cove former, coving and capping strips gives neat finish to the installation and ensures a continuous sealed surface.

PVC stair noising helps to reduce accidents on stairs by offering increased-slip resistance. The range of stair noise is allows to achieve Colour contrast to the surrounding floor covering, ensure the provision of an inclusive environment for our building users.

PVC welding cords are used for smooth installation of floor covering PVC welding rods are available in range of colours designed to blend with the floor coverings. Available thickness for welding cords is 3.0 mm and 4.0 mm. We recommend that all the sheets and tiles should be thermos welded. Available in 50 metres 100 metres and 200 metres spool sizes.



PCV Skirting: 2mm x 100mm x 15mtr/spool

PVC Welding Cord: 4mm x 100mtr/spool

PVc Capping: 2mm x 30/40mm x 15mtr/spool

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