Anti Static Flooring

Poly Antistatic flooring prevents flow of static charge into computer terminals or others electronics equipment thus provides a shield to internal circuits and prevents loss of computer memory or other mal functioning. 

  • Anti- static layer is prevented by Vinyl abrasion layer from direct contact.
  • Poly Anti-static is highly recommended for Computer station and Computer server installation sites.
  • Poly Anti -Static flooring are extensively used in Labs/ offices/ factories/ banks/ computer software companies, where computers and electronics gadgets are installed and equipment's meant for surgery , radiology and data processing etc. are positioned.
  • Surface Electrical Resistance: 5 X 10^4 to 5 X 10 ^ 8 Ohms.


  • Surface Electrical Resistance
  • Controls Static Charges


Thickness Available: 2.00 mm.

Tile Size: 305 X 305 mm and 610 X 610 mm

                 Standard Box size 9.3 Sq. Mtr. Or as per order.

Width Size: Up to 2 mtrs.

                    Standard widths 1.5 mtrs & 2.0 mtrs

Roll Size: Standard length per roll 20 mtrs. Or as per order.

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