Industrial Matting

Premier's innovative industrial floor mat is highly suitable for areas which demand:-

1. Clean environments

2. Can also handle Wheeled Trolley movement

Available with scrim reinforcement giving high tensile properties.

  • UNIQUE FEATURES: Odourless, Anti-skid, Easy Maintenance, Chemical resistant.
  • THICKNESS: 1.5 MM, 2.50 MM (Also available in 0.80 MM for heavy duty applications)
  • WIDTH: 1 Mtr.
  • COLOURS Gray, Black, Green, Blue
  • APPLICATION AREAS: Production Areas, Shops Floor and Warehouses. Can also be used as a Temporary Surface Protection sheet
  • USES: Can be pasted or laid loose on the floor

Any undulation on the sub floor will be visible on the top of the matting & can seriously impact The life of the product.

The matting is suitable for regular movement in a workplace, however it will get damaged by heavy tools, nails, forklift movement etc. This is not a metal, please use it after you have assured the environment & application you wish to put it to.



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